Concept: an ecologic answer to mosquitos!

Set up The idea that bats eat a ton of mosquitoes each night (up to 1200 each HOUR for every adult bat!) I learned their value last summer camping out in a little wood cabin next to three huge lakes in the Pyrenees. Everybody was swarmed with insects, except around our cabin, which had a rather large…

Giant Sofa Backstage

Now here’s a fun idea! So the plan is to make a giant sofa, so big its at least double size! Here are my sketches: A four person, 3 meter wide version: Sofa Backstage by ryanreddy on Sketchfab The six person version (my fave) Sofa Backstage 6 Person by ryanreddy on Sketchfab  

Moon Clock

Pic: copywrite Elodie Vreeburg So i decided I want to be able to track the moon in the form of a clock. Seen the moon is a regular hardly changing thing, this should be able to be done with just a clock. For added complexity i want to try to implement a WiFi-Module, just so…

Orientatiefase Meesterstuk

Programma van Eisen: Constructief Schuiven Rondwerk Oppervlaktebewerking Fineren Decoreren met behulp van lasersnijder Afwerking Schuren, naar 180 Olien Waxen Lakken Bijzondere verrichtingen Gebruik van CNC (Productie mal voor stoel) Gebruik van eigen gemaakte mal Gebruik van externe experts in hun vakgebied   Mijn klant, is mijn vader. Hij wil heel graag voor zijn kantoor een mooi set…

Lovenest (first year)

My second project in my first year of furniture design school, we where all asked to make a “seating element”.   I chose to make a hanging sofa bed idea.   Having drawn out a proportionally correct shape, i got to work testing and figuring out how to make this strong enough.    

Chestahedron speaker (second year)

For school, we needed to make a fancy case for something. My mind went overboard, trying to find a shape nobody else would try. Having recently heard of Frank Chesters “Chestahedron”, I had found myself an adequate challenge. The Chestahedron, a form known as the first seven sided form with equal surface area. Its based…

Body Casting

So last night, a friend showed up at my house,
with a very special request.

“A Room for Thoughts”

“A Room for Thoughts” is an experimental project, that i wish to complete to graduate from the furniture making school.

Sander Kleinenberg & Felix Leiter – The One (Official Music Video)

What happens in a world where animals behave like humans & humans behave like animals? In this video I played several characters and worked with Nepco on the costumes and concept! See the video here: Clean version: Uncensored version: Direction: House of L’Evant Film: Boris de Ruijter Costumes: Studio Nepco en Artificial Happiness

Designing a “Valdrymd x ACNE” Store

So I got another assignment. It all started with a drawing.   This is the layout of a fashion store I was asked to design in 3D. This store includes: a double sweeping staircase, a cupboard made of segments, a chillout lounge, a dressing room, and a series of gaming rooms.   It was a…