Internship at studio Nepco

A short insight of my activities at the wondrous studio Nepco.


So this cat we did a lot of preparatory work on.


Fine tuning the robotics and recoloring the eyes for more dramatic emotional expression in film.


Along with all these masks and costumes that we all cleaned and touched up to picture perfect.

These masks were all used for this film:

as mentioned in my  previous post.

And we built some robotic ears into this bunny!

This was for this short film for the Dutch national children’s television programme “het Klokhuis”:

Here is a  personal experimentation where I did some research to create a human exoskeleton:

This project is still to be continued.


This was a fun, simple-looking project for the OBA, the public library of Amsterdam:


Room For Thoughts

As mentioned in my previous post.

Neck Chandelier

 My final own project at the studio, still to be continued as the film this was commissioned for, has been postponed half a year.

On the whole I learned a lot and gained a valuable friendship with Len.

I am curious to see what our future together will bring us!




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