Chestahedron speaker (second year)

For school, we needed to make a fancy case for something.

My mind went overboard, trying to find a shape nobody else would try.

Having recently heard of Frank Chesters “Chestahedron”, I had found myself an adequate challenge.


The Chestahedron, a form known as the first seven sided form with equal surface area.

Its based upon an tetrahedron, that opens up, then forming kites, and stopping at the moment that it becomes of equal surfaces all around.

F. Chester, when he applied for a patent for this shape, he was refused.
the grounds being that it was a discovery as opposed to an invention!
This making it the youngest of all shapes! since 2005 to be precise.

First up was to draw this shape.

A small formsketch, to experiment with glueing possibilities.


Small experiment to get the shape with copper wire.


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