“A Room for Thoughts”

“A Room for Thoughts” is an experimental project, that i wish to complete to graduate from the furniture making school.


Sander Kleinenberg & Felix Leiter – The One (Official Music Video)

What happens in a world where animals behave like humans & humans behave like animals? In this video I played several characters and worked with Nepco on the costumes and concept! See the video here: Clean version: Uncensored version: Direction: House of L’Evant Film: Boris de Ruijter Costumes: Studio Nepco en Artificial Happiness

Designing a chair – part 2

So i posted some thoughts on designing my chair recently, and have made some progress since. So here is an update.                                   

The making of an escape room puzzle

So here is one of my first assignments as a business! And a very interesting enjoyable one at that! Meet the Remington.  A piece of mechanical beauty, right? Now as for the assignment, the idea is that someone types in a word, and then a different word is typed on the paper – i.e. the next…

Friedrich von Schiller

“When we develop our aesthetic capacities, we develop our moral capacities, so much so that aesthetic education renders moral education superfluous.”